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Manchester Transactional Analysis Conference 2018, Workshop Information

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Morning Workshops

Margaret Webb PTSTA (P)

Title: Braving the Wilderness
Workshop Summary:
Recent research has shown that individualism is rising in our societies not just in the West but around the world. Research is also showing that loneliness is becoming more of a problem in society not just amongst the elderly but for young adults too and we know that loneliness adversely affects our physical and mental wellbeing. If we, as TA practitioners are going to promote wellbeing in the 21st century might we need to brave the wilderness beyond autonomy as decribed by Berne in order to foster health, interconnectedness and true belonging in our societies.

Description of Presentation Style: Didactic, discussion, experiential

Theory to be covered:

Autonomy and the capacities of Awareness, Spontaneity and Intimacy.

Narcissistic processes with a brief look at the work of Kohut and Kernberg

The games we play when we form factions.

Brene Brown’s theories on interconnectedness and true belonging.
(Brene Brown is a research professor of social work at the University of Houston and CEO of BRAVE LEADERS INC)

Aims and objectives of workshop:
To consider the following:-

Has the current rise in individualism resulted in the people in our societies having better or poorer mental health?

Is there a link between the rise in individualism and the rise in loneliness?

What has Berne’s theory on Autonomy to contribute to these questions

Might we need to go beyond Berne’s Autonomy to achieve a sense of real belonging and connectedness in the 21st century

TA knowledge required of workshop attendees:- 101

Presenters Biography
Margaret Webb BSc, Pg Cert Ed, PTSTA
Margaret taught for over 20 years before becoming a therapist. For 8 years she was a counsellor in an NHS Primary Care Mental Health Team. She currently has a private practice in Glasgow offering psychotherapy, supervision and training.

Steff Oates TSTA (P)

Title: “Intellectual growth should commence at birth and cease only at death.” – (Einstein)
Tracking TA theory from the beginning to current day

Workshop Summary:
This presentation will focus on our responsibility as Transactional Analysts to pay attention to life long learning and curiosity. Using examples from those who are living the principles of our theoretical model and philosopy in their work and life the presenter will provide a fun exploration of the roots and reach of Transactional Analysis

Presentation Style:
Didactic, discussion

Theory to be covered:

A brief History of Transactional Analysis and it’s characters from the beginning to current time.

Aims and objectives of workshop:

To familiarize participants with the history of the development of TA ideas and ideals, to encourage flexibility of thinking across the spectrum of application of the ideas, to enjoy the rich foundation of theory from Berne’s original thinking in the 1940’s to the current development of ideas.

TA knowledge required of workshop attendees:- Advanced

Presenter’s Biography
Steff Oates TSTA runs a psychotherapy practice in Mobberley, Cheshire, she is visiting trainer to a number of institutes in Europe. She writes for and sometimes co-edits the TAJ as well as co-editing the newsletter of the ITAA.

Bob Cooke TSTA (P)
Title: The Parent Interview
Workshop Summary:
This is a powerful technique taken from Transactional Analysis and is often a clinical cornerstone within the relational process.
The Parent Interview encompasses the Therapist interviewing the internalised Parent in the service of
Desensitising the Parent ego state.
Relational Inquiry with regards to the Child in the Parent.
Child ego state awareness - understandings - and possible connections.
Psychological relief for the Child ego state
The workshop itself will be two hours in entirety - 30 minutes for welcomes and introducing the concept and usefulness of the “Parent Interview” within the therapeutic process.

- 30-45 minutes for the “Parent Interview”
- 45 minutes for teaching off the work, discussions and reflections.

TA knowledge required of workshop attendees:- 101

Presenter’s Biography
Bob Cooke, Teaching Supervising Transactional Analyst (P) - International Integrative Psychotherapist (CIIPA)
Bob Cooke founded the Manchester Institute for Psychotherapy (1987). Since 1993 Bob has been running a comprehensive Transactional Analysis Psychotherapy training programme at MIP.
He has taught extensively in the area of relational integrative psychotherapy both in the UK and abroad.

Afternoon Workshops

Jim Davis TSTA (P)

Title: ‘What shall I do tomorrow’
Workshop Summary:
‘Writing’ our life scripts is a both a wonderful childhood achievement, and an ongoing process that continues throughout life. It is an evolving, present-centred, creative process that enables us to make (and re-make) meaning of our experience, and achieve a sense of direction and control in our inevitably ever-changing lives. Fanita English, one of our most inspiring TA foremothers, once likened the process we go through in ‘writing’ and living our lives to what Salman Rushdie once said about how he writes novels. Come and find out what Rushdie said and play with some of your own script-writing.

Description of Presentation Style: Experiential

Theory to be covered: Life script

Aims and objectives of workshop: To enable participants to have an experience that illustrates the way we write our scripts as an ongoing creative process throughout life, and to reflect on how they might work with client’s scripts.

TA knowledge required of workshop attendees:- None / Basic

Presenter’s Biography
Jim Davis TSTA(P)
Jim is currently re-writing his script in a way that’s profoundly disturbing and exciting – at the same time!

Joanna Groves Contractual Trainee TA (P)

Title: Growth and Healing in Couples Therapy: A Goodbye Process
Workshop Summary:
We will look at the ‘I – Thou’ relationship and in particular the space between, that often limits the expression of aliveness within and between two people. By focusing on the hyphen in the I – Thou, each partner can examine how he or she holds parts of themselves back and how, with the support and empathy of the other, they can continue to grow throughout the lifespan.

Although I focus on couples as an example for this workshop, the theory and process is equally useful in any relationship in all four fields of TA and other modalities.

Description of Presentation Style:
Practical experiential insights, teaching, and discussion.

Theory to be covered:
Integrating Adult and Relational Knowing through the lens of Imago Relationship Therapy and TA.

Aims and objectives of workshop:
To offer practitioners other ways of holding the space and freeing up energy in couples (relational) work through practical exercises that are transferable into working practice.

TA knowledge required of workshop attendees:- None

Number of participants: - Maximum of 20

Presenter‘s Biography:
Joanna runs The Affinity Centre in Greater Manchester, providing psychotherapeutic training and workshops, alongside her private practice with couples and individuals. She is an EATA Contractual Trainee (P) and an Imago Workshop Facilitator, having trained extensively with Imago Relationships Inc.

John Heath TSTA (P)

Title: From dependency to autonomy and beyond through mind-body integration
Workshop Summary:
In this workshop I will present a holistic model of therapeutic change based on an integration of body orientated theory and the methodology of redecision work taken from TA. Rather than inviting a conversation between two ego parts, as in traditional redecision work, in psychophysical work the reach is extended by inviting a new dialogue between an aspect of mind and an aspect of body which have become habitually linked into a self limiting pattern. I will teach the key theoretical elements of the method, offer some experiential exercises and discussion of potential clinical applications

Description of Presentation Style: Didactic, experiential, discussion

Theory to be covered:
The redecision model in TA
Reichian theory of character armouring
The origin of internalized conflict
Identifying a mind-body linkage

Aims and objectives of workshop:
To integrate key insights from Body Orientated work into the skill set of TA practitioners

TA knowledge required of workshop attendees:- Advanced
Number participants: - 20

Presenter’s Biography
John Heath B.Sc, M.Ed, CTA, TSTA
My first career was as a Chartered Educational Psychologist. Personal interest Drew me to TA and ultimately to training in psychotherapy. I gained my CTA qualification in 1997 and TSTA in 2004. I now work as a psychotherapist, trainer and supervisor in the north of England and abroad

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